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Media Experience

Discover the captivating film projects that I've had the privilege to be a part of. From scripted feature films to shorts to international travel documentaries, I've contributed my expertise in production, art direction, and costume styling, crafting unforgettable visual stories that leave a lasting impact.


I had the incredible opportunity to work in the Grip Department on the movie "Fatman," which featured the talented actors, Mel Gibson and Walton Goggins. As part of the team, I contributed to the film's production, ensuring smooth lighting setups in harsh winter conditions, creating a memorable cinematic experience for the audience.


Moosemeat & Marmalade Season 6 & 7

As a production coordinator and stills photographer for two seasons of "Moosemeat & Marmalade," I seamlessly managed logistics like travel to remote communities and across continents, and captured captivating behind-the-scenes moments, supporting the show's global appeal.


My contributions played a vital role in showcasing the series' unique blend of culinary adventures and cultural exploration - coordinating a Leo Award Winning episode.

The Dog - Narrative Short (Coming Soon)

As the production designer / art director  for this short, I crafted a visually engaging experience that depicted the nostalgic journey of a retired body part insurance salesman. Through meticulous attention to early 2000s period-specific details, I brought a sense of authenticity to the sets, enhancing the narrative and leaving a lasting impact on the audience.


The Inventor - Narrative Short (Coming Soon)

As the production designer/art director for "The Inventor," I worked independently to dress sets and construct entire rooms, such as a playful toy room housing a cardboard time machine and other childlike inventions. The short film centers on a son's mission to uplift his mother from depression by using the time machine to take her back to happier moments.

Sandcastles - Narrative Short (Coming Soon)

As the production designer for "Sandcastles," I matched the characters' rooms to their descriptions and personalities, creating sets that reflected their emotional journeys. I also changed the homes' color palette to align with the overall tone of the film, allowing the visuals to complement and enhance the love story between two young adults with mental health challenges.


As the late-stage field producer for "Everyone Belongs in Nature,"

a documentary broadcasted on the AMI channel and produced by MediaOne, my role was instrumental in the finalization of the project. Joining in at the final push, I swiftly conducted crucial interviews, ensured the camera crew captured relevant b-roll, and managed the Errors & Omissions (E&O) process efficiently to meet the tight deadline.


Acting as a liaison with our client, Power to Be, I worked diligently to align the documentary with their hopes and vision, keeping in mind the unique context of the footage shot in IDV. 

Everyone Belongs In Nature

Clay Pots - Narrative Short

As Set Supervisor for the party scene in "Clay Pots," I ensured seamless continuity and movements throughout the film. Additionally, I managed wardrobe on the shooting day, selecting costumes that complemented the characters' personalities and emotions, and the set colour pallet - contributing to the film's cohesiveness.


Daddy's Perfect Little Girl

As the assistant costume designer for "Daddy's Perfect Little Girl,"

I collaborated with the lead designer in outfitting the cast for their scenes. My responsibilities included assisting with shopping, managing returns, and ensuring that the actors were dressed appropriately for each scene.

Candy Cane Lane

As the First Assistant Set Decorator for "Candy Cane Christmas" on Lifetime, I played a crucial role in bringing the holiday magic to life. Working closely with the lead decorator, I meticulously curated the perfect blend of festive decorations and charming elements, ensuring every scene radiated the spirit of Christmas.

Screen Shot 2023-08-01 at 10.46.24 PM.png

Handmade Christmas

As the First Assistant Set Decorator for "Handmade Christmas" on Lifetime, I took part in an incredible process of creation. From blank locations, we crafted enchanting wonderlands, built furniture, and designed elaborate Christmas decorations. One of the most memorable moments was bringing a charming toy shop to life, filling it with whimsical toys, evoking nostalgia and joy for the viewers. The experience of building these sets from scratch was truly fulfilling.

The Obsession Thrillogy: Her Final Vengeance

As the Assistant Costume Designer for "The Obsession Thrillogy: Her Final Vengeance," I played a vital role in crafting the characters' distinct looks. Working closely with the lead designer, I researched and sourced the perfect costumes to amplify the suspense and drama of the thrilling storyline. From the protagonist's evolving wardrobe to the antagonist's sinister attire, each outfit was meticulously chosen to enhance the tension and immerse the audience in the gripping world of the film.


The Perfect Soulmate

As the Assistant Costume Designer for "The Perfect Soulmate," I focused on managing the wardrobes for background actors, a critical aspect of creating a realistic and immersive setting. Coordinating with the lead designer, I ensured that each background character's attire complemented the film's suspenseful atmosphere. From selecting appropriate outfits to overseeing quick changes between scenes, I played a pivotal role in maintaining continuity and contributing to the overall visual appeal of the thrilling production.

The Psycho She Met Online

In my role as the Daily Wardrobe Assistant for "The Perfect Soulmate," I provided essential support to the Costume Designer, assisting wherever needed throughout the production. From managing the daily wardrobe needs of the cast to organizing costumes for background actors, I played a versatile role in ensuring a seamless and cohesive look for the film.

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